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A powerful Calendar. With multiple views and tons of settings, Calendar.js can be tailored to suit your every need. Lightweight.

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v2.12.0 - 5th Jun 2024
Main Features
Free, open source (MIT License)
Exportable for use in other frameworks!
Fully configurable, with custom triggers and configurable text (allowing translations).
Day, Week, Month, Year, All Events, and Timeline views, with DatePicker, Widget, and Pin-Up modes.
Drag and Drop for events, even across multiple Calendars!
Drag and Drop for moving events to new times, and resizing to adjust event durations (in Full Day/Week views).
Cut, Copy, Paste (with multi-select support), and Duplication of events.
Export events to CSV, XML, JSON, TEXT, iCAL, MD, HTML, and TSV, with system clipboard setting support.
Import events from iCAL and JSON files.
Data-Binding and jQuery plugin support.
Looking for a heat map calendar? Check this out!
Latest News: 16th October 2023

The core of the new website is now completed. However, we will continue to add new examples and documentation over the coming months.

Thank you all for your continued support.